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About Molly

Molly grew up locally and knows the area like the back of her hand. She’s been in the event industry for over thirteen years, but her passion for hosting events began early on when she was in charge of setting the table for her mother’s beloved gatherings. Molly would go enthusiastically to the family’s antique corner cupboard, the same cupboard that now lives in her own home, to gather her materials. One of  her favorite materials was her great-great-grandmother’s vintage lace tablecloth, alongside linen napkins, china and silverware that was either gifted or passed down. Everything in their home had a story, a life that existed before. Throughout these evenings, Molly continued to help her mom make sure everyone was properly enjoying themselves. It was here that the event planner was born. 


Image Courtesy: Sarah Schmidt Photography

Molly's mom and dad weren't ones to host traditional sit-down dinners. They curated an environment that encouraged people to move freely through each room, have lively conversations, eat when they wanted and sit wherever they like. Her mother is a phenomenal cook and baker, always adorning the dinner table with foods that nourished the soul such as breads, soups and salads. Molly loved these gatherings and they had a strong influence on her event-planning philosophy today. Molly also draws inspiration from her college years at Ole Miss, a university notorious for its over-the-top celebrations and southern hospitality. They may have lost some games, but they never lost a party—and every great event planner knows to draw inspiration from the South, no matter how North the party may be. 


Molly  brings her unique personality and skills to the wedding and event industry. Over the last thirteen years, she has planned every kind of event, including 400-person parties for renowned law firms, holiday celebrations at the country club, large fundraisers, bar and bat mitzvahs, showers and of course, weddings. No matter the kind of event, Molly prioritizes her clients’ styles and wishes over her own—gently guiding them through the process so that they are ultimately able to articulate their own visions and attend a party that feels born from their dreams.


Whether it is the biggest day of someone’s life or a celebration of one of life’s many milestones, clients can count on Molly to go above and beyond to make their vision come to life. And according to past clients, she takes every step of the process with grace, diligence, and professionalism, while always prioritizing the process of getting to know each client on a personal level. It’s of the utmost importance to Molly that on the day of the event, she’s the only one concerned about a thing. Everyone else at the event has just one role to fulfill: enjoy the moment. 


Image Courtesy: Djenno Bacvic Photography


lus One 

Hiring Molly also means having access to her husband Josh Radigan—a Sommelier and experienced Beverage Director. Josh fell in love with wine while working at The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, VA during the early 90s.


Alongside Molly, Josh also enjoys getting to know each client and picking out special bottles that perfectly match the theme of the event, the food and the client’s personality. His philosophy is that wine should never be an afterthought. The right glass at the right time is something guests will remember for years to come.

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